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Cash Requests to your personal checking or savings bank account

You may request a cash withdrawal from your investment account to your personal bank account by contacting Yvette Wheeler, our Director of Operations at or by phone on (347) 580-5284. If your account has sufficient funds to satisfy your request, it will be processed as soon as possible. If the account doesn’t have the amount requested, we will analyze the account and execute trades to raise the requested amount. Typically, the turnaround for a cash request can be 2-5 business days.

Car purchase? House closing? Vacation to Tahiti?
If you have a planned expense for which you will be using funds from your investment account, it is best to contact us as soon as possible. Requests for large amounts require some advance planning on our side. For example, we may need to re-balance your portfolio in order to ensure you don’t incur a large tax bill on capital gains. Even if you are not certain of the actual amount, a ballpark figure will allow us to start strategically raising the funds needed.

College Tuition and Spending from a 529 College Savings Plan
College tuition and expenses can be made from your child’s 529 CSP. The payout can be made directly to the university or as a reimbursement to the custodian of the account. This process requires paperwork for signature and will take 5-7 business days for completion. You can also designate Heron Wealth as an Authorized Party, where a copy of the Tuition Invoice would be emailed to us, allowing a jump start in planning.
Monthly Income or Reoccurring Payments
Monthly income can be automatically scheduled to be sent to your personal bank account. You may also set up a monthly draw for mortgage payments or any other recurring expense. Payouts like these are scheduled at the frequency and amount you state in your instructions.
Account Builder
With a link to your personal bank account we can also set up an automatic account builder, where funds are transferred into your investment account for investment growth. You decide the frequency and the amount you want withdrawn from your personal bank account and it will be invested in a mutual fund for growth. Account builders can be set up for taxable and retirement accounts on a monthly, quarterly, or annual schedule.
Standing Bank Instructions
We recommend establishing a link between your bank and your investment account. With a Standing Bank instruction form, you are authorizing Heron Wealth to make the money transfer on your behalf, without having to go through the hassle of signing a withdrawal request each time.

Not having a Standing Bank Instruction on file requires us to send you withdrawal paperwork via email, which you would have to print, date, sign and scan before returning it to us by email or fax - for every single withdrawal. This is time-consuming and in the event you are away, you may or may not have access to a scanner to return the signed forms. This will delay the turnaround of your cash withdrawal.