Start the New Year with a New Financial Outlook

Start the New Year with a New Financial Outlook  

Heron Financial Group Introduces "Joyful Financial Planning"


As 2015 winds down and millions of Americans begin preparing for 2016, many will make all sorts of New Year's Resolutions. According to an early 2015 Nielsen survey, a quarter of Americans resolved to get their finances in order by saving more and spending less. However, a 2012 Time magazine articlesuggests that the resolution to get one's financial house in order is one of the most frequently broken resolutions, and with good reason. Most Americans are no more prepared to analyze the many moving parts and unseen variables of financial planning than to overhaul the transmission of their car or perform an appendectomy on themselves.

David Edwards, a wealth advisor with 25 years experience taking care of the financial lives of families, observes, "People must take a proactive approach to managing their finances and preparing for goals such as education for their children, retirement for themselves. The necessary work seems so complex, with so many decisions, that most people retreat to doing nothing; yet live in fear that their goals won't be achieved. 

The team at Heron Financial Group | Wealth Advisors worked diligently over the last year to bridge this expertise gap with a process called "Joyful Financial Planning," which combines the best available financial planning technology with the human touch and experience of David Edwards and the advisors at Heron Financial Group. "We created 'Joyful Financial Planning' to help our clients overcome their tendency to procrastinate," says Edwards. "Our clients have 10,000 choices. We can show the clients which 10 choices matter to them and help them pick the best three. In so doing, we convert clients' fears to joy!

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