Our Story

Heron Wealth is a New York City-based independent financial advisory firm that provides financial planning, investment advice and estate planning services. Founded by President David Edwards in 1996, Heron Wealth currently manages $355 million of our clients' assets.

Over the years David has assembled a team of highly professional financial planners and wealth advisers who provide financial advice to more than 120 client families. 

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Our Clients

At Heron Wealth our client relationships really last for a lifetime. Twenty years ago most people started thinking about retirement in their fifties and sixties. These days, we not only work with our clients’ children but also many other younger professionals in their thirties and forties who want financial planning services to make sure they can lead the life they want and retire comfortably.

Our clients are executives, partners and associates of law firms, banks & consultancies, entrepreneurs and rising professionals. We also specialize in areas that occur in our clients’ lives: managing finances after a divorce, advice for professional women and impact investing.



Our Purpose

The core values of our firm are integrity and transparency. We take care of the wealth of our families and friends and we take that responsibility very seriously. As a fiduciary we always put our clients’ interests first. This is the only way in which we can provide unbiased, transparent advice.  

What is the fiduciary standard and why is it so important to you?

Our purpose is to clarify and simplify the means by which our clients achieve their financial goals. That means that before we take action on your behalf, we fully disclose the risks and potential rewards - as well as how you pay for our advice.

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What others say

Expertise named Heron Wealth one of the 2017 Top 15 Financial Advisors in New York City. 

In 2017 Heron Wealth was recognized by Financial Advisor as one of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Independent Financial Advisory Firms in the US.