Our Estate Planning Services


You have made the necessary investments over your lifetime to be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement. But how do you protect your wealth and create your legacy?

Estate planning is vital to protecting and passing on the wealth that you accumulated over the course of your life. As a result of the complex, ever-changing tax landscape many investors postpone estate planning or don't bother at all. This is unfortunate because proactive estate planning can save you money.

We assist our investment management clients with their estate planning requirements. We explore potential tax gaps between your existing estate plan and your intentions (i.e. your will) and if there is no estate plan we will work with your attorney to create and document a strategic and purposeful distribution of your wealth.*

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Estate Planning Case Study

The Situation

Our clients Nancy and Bob* retired a few years before they started working with us. Both Nancy and Bob had successful executive careers which allowed them to plan for a comfortable retirement but they had some financial goals they weren't sure how to achieve. They felt they needed professional guidance. 

Nancy and Bob wanted to start gifting wealth to their children and a few charitable causes in order to create a living legacy. They also wanted to fund their grandchildren's education. Meanwhile, they had an active lifestyle and wanted to renovate their sailboat so that they could take it on extended trips.

The Solution

As a result of our on-boarding process, a standard procedure for our investment clients, we uncovered a number of opportunities to help Nancy and Bob reach their goals. We knew that the strategies needed to maintain their lifestyle, preserve their wealth, and finance their living legacy would have to be thorough and well-coordinated.

In consultation with tax specialists we were able to save on taxes while transferring wealth. Through family trusts, registered savings and charitable giving exemptions we were able to preserve wealth. We also adjusted their portfolio to free up cash flow to fund their sailing trips and we made sure their wills and estate plans were updated to reflect their new goals. 

With their financial data easily accessible on our financial planning app, Nancy and Bob can access their financial information from anywhere in the world, allowing them to stay in control and worry-free.

* We changed our clients' names to protect their privacy.

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* Heron will work with Client’ estate planning attorney and/or other third-party professionals to create a strategic and purposeful distribution of Client’s wealth across generations, as directed by the Client‘s vision. While Heron assists with these functions on the Client’s behalf, Client understands that Heron does not provide legal or tax advice as it relates to estate planning issues, and the preparation of such legal documents as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, guardianship and living wills MUST be prepared by a duly licensed attorney of Client's state of residence. Heron can provide general advice on such documents, but must always defer to Client's legal counsel.