Financial Planning

As a successful executive, business owner or rising professional you have unlimited access to information about financial planning. But how do you choose from so many alternatives?

When you are thinking about your financial future, you probably have questions such as: "When can I retire? Can I pay for my children's college? Can I afford a six-month sabbatical? Can we buy that second home?".

Taking into account your goals, risk tolerance and long-term objectives, our Certified Financial Planners™ and wealth advisors assist you in achieving your personal goals. In working with you, we guide you in planning for the future while being able to enjoy your life right now.

We are a fiduciary firm, so we have no conflicts of interest in regards to third-party compensation. As an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) we have an obligation to act in your best interest.

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Financial Planning Case Study

The Situation

Our 28-year old client Rachel* was interested in getting her finances on track, as she was starting to earn an income that would allow her to make certain changes to her lifestyle, including buying her first apartment.

Rachel had done a fair bit of research on budgeting, investing and protecting capital, but her situation was complicated. Even though she made a good living, she was still paying off student loans, she was renting and looking to buy, and she didn't have a very clear idea of the cash flow she needed.

She was finding a lot of conflicting information in her research, and she was worried about the risks of mismanaging her budget, or not spending enough time monitoring her savings and investments on a day-to-day basis.

The Solution

Samantha Gorelick CFP®, a New York City wealth advisor at our firm, sat down with Rachel to gather all the facts of her financial situation. Samantha then proceeded to upload Rachel's data into our financial planning app. Samantha created a financial plan for Rachel and was able to show her the most efficient way to pay down her loans while saving up for a down payment.

Having her financial information in our financial planning app means that Rachel's essential budgeting information is always up-to-date and easy to access via all her personal devices. This way it's easier to make day-to-day financial decisions. Rachel stays in regular touch with Samantha, who provides ongoing financial advice to Rachel on a convenient hourly basis.

* We changed our client's name to protect her privacy.

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