eMoney shortlists Heron Wealth for great digital media presence

You’ve probably heard a million times how important it is to have a website or a blog. You hear it at the conferences you attend or read it on the blogs you visit. It’s been reiterated so many times that it’s become white noise to you at this point.

Well, I’m happy to say I’m not going to lecture you about how crucial it is for an advisor to have a digital presence in the financial industry. What I will delve into, however, is what a good digital presence actually looks like and how you can improve upon the digital foundation you’ve already built. Let’s have a look at Heron Wealth.


Heron Wealth executes the clean look really well, but what makes them stand out is the slideshow of team photos front and center on the homepage that gives the website more of a personal touch. A quick look at the homepage also shows that they emphasize their social media channels and their blog, which are both updated on a semi-regular basis. These are great marketing tools for prospects to find Heron through, and for clients to stay connected to the firm.

And they’re also upfront with the services they provide – financial planning, investment advice, estate planning – and how they execute those services through the combination of different technology providers.

Having a well-designed website with clear call-to-actions will not only draw in traffic from prospects, but also has the potential to drastically grow your business. Think of your website like it’s a digital form of your office: you always want to make a great first impression. A website that shows off your services in combination with good design, appropriate content, and easy navigation will do wonders for your firm’s credibility and will instantly set you apart from your competition.

Read the entire review, written by T.J. Hill, on the eMoney blog.