How you pay for our services

First and foremost, we are your fiduciary.  As a Registered Investment Adviser regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Adviser’s Act of 1940, we have a legal & ethical obligation to act exclusively in your best interest.

We are paid by our clients for our expertise and advice. We do not promote any investment products and do not receive any commissions, 12b-1 fees, solicitation or referral fees, and do not have any fee sharing arrangements in place with any other financial firms. 

Before we begin our work with a client, we disclose the fees we charge in our advisory agreement. Thereafter, each client receives a monthly billing statement showing the fee being charged and how the fee was calculated.

Please read our annual SEC ADV filing.

Investment Management Services

Our investment management services include financial planning (see below), portfolio strategy and monitoring and strategic re-balancing of your portfolio.

We charge a tiered fixed fee calculated as a percentage of assets under management, generally 1% for accounts up to $2 million and 0.75% for accounts above $2 million. Our minimum account size for investment management clients is $500,000. 

Investment Portfolio Strategy
We provide recommendations for your overall portfolio strategy outlined by asset class, such as stocks and bonds, large cap and small, value and growth styles, domestic and international. We advise you on how to position your portfolios to maximize tax efficiencies.

Cash Flow Management
We create cash flow models for you, offering strategies for debt reduction, savings and income. We also advise you on how to manage your resources so that you can fund multiple goals, from college funding to retirement saving and investing.

Retirement Planning
We help you to plan for spending in retirement when you are no longer earning an income. For example: how to structure your investment portfolio so that you can fund your lifestyle without taking more risk than necessary to attain your goals. We calculate a sustainable withdrawal schedule from your portfolio and advise you on maximizing your social security benefits.

Estate Planning
We help you to ensure that you are able to provide for the financial health and well-being of your family and make it easier for them to sort out your affairs after you're gone, as well as to reduce amounts subject to federal estate taxes.

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Financial Planning Fees

We also provide financial planning services to clients whose assets we don't manage. In that case we charge the following fees:

The initial fee for a comprehensive financial plan ranges from $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the complexity of your financial situation as estimated by our wealth advisors, based on an hourly fee of $250. Follow up meetings and advice are calculated at our hourly rate of $250.

After a discovery meeting or phone call we provide a written fee estimate, based on the scope of services we agree upon. We require a 50% upfront deposit of the initial planning fee before we start working on your plan. The remaining 50% is due when the plan is presented to you.