Heron Wealth provides investment advice to individuals and families,  trusts, estates, charitable organizations and small businesses. 

Heron Wealth maintains account minimums for both age and investment platform.  Our firm is optimized to serve clients with between $1-10 million in investable assets, but we recognize that younger clients will build towards those levels over time.  Clients of Heron Wealth may invest in one or more of our platforms as circumstances warrant.

Investment Platforms:

Individual stocks and bonds:  This platform is appropriate for clients who have existing investments in individual stocks and bonds.  These portfolios typically have embedded unrealized capital gains, so selling positions outright and reinvesting from scratch would be costly to the client.  We load the client's existing positions into our rebalancing tool, find the gaps in the overall investment allocation, buy and sell selectively to adjust the portfolio to match our targets.  As there are certain control and tax advantages to owning individual securities, clients may request that Heron Wealth build a portfolio from new cash.   Minimum account size is $500,000.

Mutual Funds: This platform is appropriate for for clients who have existing investments in mutual funds, or who desire the convenience of owning broadly diversified, actively managed mutual funds.  Heron Wealth scours the Morningstar database to find "best of breed" funds from all the major fund companies for each of a dozen major fund categories.  Heron Wealth only invests in no-load, no-transaction fee fund classes.  Minimum account size is controlled by the age minimums below.

Exchanged Traded Funds: This platform is appropriate for for clients who have existing investments in ETF's, or who desire the liquidity and tax advantages of owning broadly diversified, passively managed index funds.  These funds include exposure to the US stock markets, international developed and emerging markets, and major bond markets.  Minimum account size is controlled by the age minimums below.

Manager of Managers: Heron Wealth places investment of the clients' assets with 10-15 outside managers, provides all the reporting, rebalancing and cash management for the account.  The minimum account size is $5,000,000 of assets under management.

Age based minimums:
20-34         No minimum
35-39         $250,000
40-49         $500,000
50+            $1,000,000

Heron Wealth may waive account minimums at our discretion.  Accounts of less than the minimums described above may be set up when the client and the advisor anticipate that the client will add additional funds to the accounts bringing the total to the minimum within a reasonable time.  Other exceptions will apply to employees of Heron Wealth and their relatives, or relatives of existing clients.


Full menu of investment advice:

  • 401K Advice for individuals
  • 401K Advice for businesses
  • Annuities - Term and Variable
  • Asset Allocation & Portfolio Mgmt
  • Bond & Fixed Income Investments
  • Hedging Strategies & Alternatives
  • Education Events & Webinars
  • Income Management
  • Investment Performance Analysis
  • IRA’s: Roth, Rollover & Traditional
  • Single Stock Diversification
  • Stock & Stock Fund Investments
  • Stock Option Planning