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As a successful executive, business owner or rising professional you have almost unlimited access to investment alternatives. But how do you find the time to manage your investment portfolio?

At Heron Wealth we invest our clients in a range of asset classes in order to balance investment risk with long-term returns and tax-efficiency.

We only invest our clients in assets that are liquid (meaning that you can get your money out in 24-72 hours) and transparent (the current price is available from numerous sources). Examples are stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETF’s. 

We are a fiduciary firm, so we have no conflicts of interest in regards to third-party compensation. As an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) we have an obligation to act in your best interest.

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Wealth Management Case Study

The Situation

Our clients Nick and Virginia* are a couple in their early-50's. They run a successful business together. They have two teenagers, Katie and Jack, and parents in their 70's. When they came to us for investment advice, Nick and Virginia faced three seemingly competing financial goals.

The couple wanted to be prepared to put their two children through college starting in three years. They wanted to be able to financially support their parents down the road. And they wanted to be able to fulfill their lifelong dream of purchasing a lakefront property where the family could gather in future summers with their children and grandchildren.

Nick and Virginia were concerned about the risk of miscalculating or over-spending on any one of their priorities and not achieving the other two as a result. The couple also needed advice on how their life would change if they decided to sell their business.

The Solution

Our president and wealth advisor David Edwards took Nick and Virginia through our discovery process to understand their current situation. He uploaded Nick and Virginia’s financial data (income and expenses, assets including their home and business, and liabilities such as their mortgage and credit card payments) to our advanced financial planning platform.

David developed a base case financial plan showing Nick and Virginia exactly where they stood in relationship to their goals and proposed a number of alternative scenarios to help the family progress rapidly. David's plan also projected that their financial assets, after sale of the business, would be sufficient for a very enjoyable retirement while leaving a substantial estate for their children. 

Once Nick and Virginia could see that their children’s education would be paid for and that there was sufficient cash flow to help their parents as needed, they were delighted that they could turn their attention to buying their vacation home. The couple felt a great sense of relief with a clear path to achieving their financial goals.

David meets with Nick and Virginia twice a year to make sure that their investment portfolio remains aligned with their financial objectives and to discuss any changes in their lives that may affect their financial plan.

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