Home Alone for the Holidays: Tips for Divorced Parents


The holidays can be a difficult time to be divorced. Most of us are accustomed to celebrating as a couple or family.  It may be especially challenging if you are a parent and this is your child’s year with “the other parent.”  You cannot change the fact your family structure is now different, but you can take steps to make certain you and your children are happy.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Make the time that you have count. If you are alone on Thanksgiving, chances are, with custody arrangements, you will likely have your children for another holiday (Hanukkah, Christmas, etc). So use your time now to plan a terrific celebration a month from now. Instead of taking up the time thinking about what is not the same, be productive and lose yourself in brainstorming some new, fun and surprising ideas and traditions.

2. Find a friend with whom to share the holiday. Single friends, friends far from their home, and other divorced pals who share your feelings would appreciate the company. Plan a great, merry time together – whether that’s a meal out, a potluck at your house, or an all-day trip to the local Cineplex to catch films likely to be Oscar-nominated in the new year, (and maybe some good old-fashioned blockbusters as well!).  And don’t forget to put some thought into how you dress – no pajamas or baggy sweats — you never know who you may find yourself sitting next to!

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