The Power of Marketing Videos for Financial Advisors


Financial advisors are always looking more effective ways communicate with current and prospective clients. Recently, many in the personal financial services industry are turning to video content to showcase their brand and investing approach. With high consumer demand, it’s clear that creating personable, tailored marketing videos can offer an efficient and powerful way to attract new clients.

The Power of Marketing Videos

The written word is efficient, in that a financial advisor can say exactly what they want and distribute it to many different people; but it can’t express all those non-verbal things you get in conversation. Video, while not perfect, is more personal in that those non-verbal qualities can come through visually. When the message comes directly from the financial advisor, in his or her own voice, there is the possibility for a greater visceral connection and a trust-based emotion.

Video is scalable as the financial advisor can send the message to dozens or hundreds of people at the same time, and it’s repeatable in that the client can watch it as many times as they’d like. It persists through time if posted online; if anyone wants to revisit it or share the clip with a friend or family member, that message is out there until the financial advisor takes it down. It is available any time, day or night.

“If your message is going to last, it must do so in the memory of the other person,” says Andy Millard, a financial advisor in Tyron, N.C., whose low-stress-investing series he regards as an effective way to leverage his time and talents.

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