5 Big Post-Cliff Investing Questions


Now that Washington has talked American investors down from the fiscal cliff, what will be the market's next obsession? And how might people invest for a new normal where tax rates have been decided, but everything from worldwide growth to the fate of Europe's economy remains in flux?

Stocks surged on the first day of the year in a global sigh of relief that the U.S. economy will not go over the precipice after Congress compromised on curtailing recession-threatening spending cuts (for now) and tax increases.

Now that we're over the cliff, what are the biggest worries for investors looking to make more than zero on their money? Here are five key questions and answers, from fund managers and analysts, that will matter in 2013.

1. Will the tech sector recover its sizzle? Put another way, will Apple, the Company Formerly Known as the World's Most Valuable, find its way back to favor with investors? Its products are still cherished by consumers, and it sits on the topmost shelf of global brand names. But it became a dark star for tech stocks last September as its falling price dragged the entire sector lower. A related question: Will investors ever embrace Facebook after its IPO flop?

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