Disaster preparedness again in focus


If they weren't before, two things have become clear to financial advisers affected by Hurricane Sandy's devastating punch to the East Coast.

To wit: We can hardly work without electricity to run all our gadgets, and more and more of our productivity depends on access to the Internet.

“I fully expect to be out of power for seven to 10 days,” said Thomas J. Duffy, owner and sole practitioner of Jersey Shore Financial Advisors LLC.

He works out of his home office in Oceanport, N.J., and while he suffered only minimal flooding of his first floor, he fears that some of his clients in nearby communities didn't fare as well.

A veteran of numerous storms, Mr. Duffy has a reliable backup generator, but there is one thing he could have done better.

“More fuel,” he said after spending two hours in line refilling his supply.

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