Student Loan Debt and How It Affects Young Workers


Some students take drastic steps to avoid student loan debt. For example, GoFundMe college campaigns solicit funds from friends, family members and perfect strangers, while income share agreements allow students to attend school for free if they commit to pay a percentage of their post-graduate income to investors.

Despite all that, federal student loan defaults topped 1.1 million in 2016, and according to a new survey by American Student Assistance, student loan debt is a heavy weight on young workers. The survey – which includes responses from workers between the ages of 22 and 33 as well as responses from human resources managers – reveals the following:

The negative effects of student loan debt on young workers:

  • 56% worry about repaying their loan either all the time (26%) or often (30%).
  • 40% report that worrying about their student loans has impacted their health.
  • 55% would like to go to grad school but couldn’t take on any additional student loans.
  • 61% have considered getting a second job to help pay off their student loans.
  • 54% of young workers report that right now, paying off student loans comes first, and they will put off saving for retirement until later.

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