Investor's Business Daily: Working After Retirement: Here Are 2 Big Reasons Why You Will

Some people can't wait to stop working and spend their days golfing, socializing and playing cards. Working after retirement is the farthest thing from their mind. But for others, the jump from being a productive part of society to suddenly having no challenges isn't quite what they expected. They end up wondering how to fill their days.


Maybe it's because they haven't saved enough for retirement, or because they're bored and driving their spouse crazy. But many people of retirement age are deciding to rejoin the work force.

Boredom can be a one of the biggest problems that lead to a decision for working after retirement. The other big reason, money, often comes when people find their costs don't go down as much as they expected. Retirees want a certain lifestyle. They want to eat out more, go on more vacations and travel to see the grandkids.

People working after retirement  mainly look at three options: staying in the same field, looking for a job that relates to a hobby, or reinventing yourself by doing something completely different.

Working After Retirement: Common Choices

David Edwards' client really changed her life. "She didn't like her job as a commercial banker, so she ran for elective office," said Edwards, the president of Heron Wealth, an RIA in New York City. Of course, this job requires fundraising and campaigning and you still might not get it. "Now she has a whole new career in elective office. She makes about 35% of what she made as a banker, but she doesn't care because she makes a significant contribution to her community as a county treasurer and she's very excited about it."

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