Fee-Only Wealth Advisor Doubles Managed Assets in Less Than Three Years


Fee-Only Wealth Advisor Doubles Managed Assets in Less Than Three Years

NEW YORK (October 3rd, 2016) - David Edwards, founder,  Heron Financial Group | Wealth Advisors, a New York-based Registered Investment Advisor, continues to educate current clients and prospects on how to plan, grow and keep more of their financial assets.  A slate of activity at industry and business events shows the dedication that Edwards and his team demonstrate in their quest to promote the "Joyful Planning" concept.  Edwards took on leadership roles in the financial services industry, accepting advisory positions and speaking engagements with key industry associations.  Edwards brings that exposure back to the firm to provide better service for Heron clients.

"As a fiduciary to our clients, we always act in their best interests.  We remain committed to leading our profession in best practices and technology.  This combination of good advice and good service resulted in exceptional growth within our firm," said Edwards.  Heron Wealth grew from $122 million in assets as of January 2013 to $260 million through September 2016. "We plan to double assets over the next three years, double again within seven years to $1 billion.  We will continue to deliver the high touch experience our clients expect, but also derive the revenues necessary to support our continued investment in human capital, technology, cybersecurity, compliance and operations," added Edwards.


PRESENTER FOR THE FINANCIAL PLANNING ASSOCIATION (FPA) - Edwards was speaker at the FPA Webinar, "The Challenges of Investing in Election Years" June 2016.  He discussed the short- and long-term implications for the stock market and presented tools that investors could use to forecast the November outcome.  Investors gained insights into the issues they need to think about when making investments and took part in a live audience Q & A, moderated by the Financial Planning Association's Knowledge Circle host, Ray Benton.

eMONEY ADVISORY ROLE - Edwards was selected to serve on the eMoney Advisory Board, attending his first meeting at the Wayne Hotel in Radner, PA March 2016.  Serving on the Advisory Board allows Edwards to contribute to the ongoing success and development of eMoney's financial planning and digital wealth management technology, while keeping him in the loop on future developments and innovations within the financial services industry.

FIDELITY GUIDEBOOK AND INSIDE TRACK PRESENTATION -- Edwards was held up as an example to his financial planning peers in a Fidelity Guidebook on digital communications and client interaction. He presented his ideas for successful communications at the Fidelity Inside Track events held in Atlanta and Dallas in the fall of 2015.

PANELIST FOR FINANCIAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATION (FRA)  - Edwards took part in a panel discussion on "Strengthening Your Online Presence" for the Financial Research Association August 2016 in New York City. He discussed best practices for compliant internet-based, mobile-friendly marketing and advertising campaigns, marketing compliance dos and don'ts across all forums, search engine optimization, local optimization, and third party.  Edwards was part of a similar Financial Technologies Forum, entitled "Social Media and Compliance in Financial Services" at the FRA Conference in September 2015.

PANELIST FOR INVESTMENT ADVISER ASSOCIATION (IAA) - Edwards took part in a panel discussion on "How to protect your clients and firm from cybersecurity risks" for the Investment Adviser Association March 2015 in Washington DC.  Edwards took part in a similar panel discussion for the IAWatch Compliance Conference in November 2014 in Washington, DC.


Edwards presented the topic, " Plan | Grow | Keep!  How our wealth advice can solve your problems" to a business networking group August 2016 in New York City. The 7-minute video presentation can be viewed on YouTube here. During a Q & A session at the conclusion of the presentation, Edwards was asked how he defines and finds the "ideal client."

Several months earlier,  Edwards presented the topic, " Can Joy replace Fear in Financial Planning, Investment Management and Estate Planning?" to a business networking group in New York City.  The 9-minute video presentation can be viewed here on YouTube.  Edwards showed how Heron Wealth leveraged the eMoney Financial Planning platform to deliver good advice to clients 24/7 on their PC's and smartphones.

"Most people only want an advisor a few times in their lives: when they have a transitional life event like a promotion, job change, retirement marriage, divorce, birth of a child or grandchild," said Edwards.  "I meet a hundred contacts in a month who could become my clients, but I concentrate on the five that have that transitional life event.  I win four of those five; an 80% success rate is very satisfying."