How to start your financial New Year with a bang!


Towards the end of the year most of us are guilty of doing whatever it takes to get through the holiday season. We have great intentions to stick to our resolutions for 2018 but by the end of January they are oftentimes abandoned. We may feel bad about not reaching our goals because we focus on what we didn’t accomplish.

One of the reasons for this is that we often take on too much at once which overwhelms us and as a result we back out altogether. The key is to start small. What you practice eventually becomes you, so in time the small habits you establish now will become second nature.

By focusing your energy on one tangible goal at a time, you’ll have a higher success rate. For example, if you never go to the gym and decide you are starting an exercise routine, going once a week means you’ll have a better chance of staying the course, instead of forcing yourself to work out every day.

So for 2018, consider accomplishing one financial goal per quarter. Perhaps to review your 2017 spending and create a budget for next year. Perhaps to finally call your attorney to update your will.

To make sure you will actually follow through, remember why you are pursuing this action: ‘I am going to update my will to ensure my family is taken care of should anything happen to me.’ Also, set yourself a deadline, for example March 31st. That’s three months to accomplish one goal. Sounds easy right? It really is! 


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