Joyful Financial Planning


Over the last year, my team has worked very hard to move the knowledge and experience I've gained over two decades doing financial planning, investment management and estate planning for our clients out of my head and out to our clients on their terms.

For an overview, spend nine minutes watching this video "Joyful Financial Planning."
In this video, I explain how we use a state-of-the-art digital advice platform to compile EVERYTHING about a client's financial life:

  • Investments
  • 401K and other retirement plans
  • Checking accounts and credit cards
  • Real estate and mortgages
  • Life insurance policies

Into a single repository accessible on their personal computer and on their smart phone.

From good data comes good decisions! We can tell our clients what to expect about their retirement 5,10, 15 years in advance.  We can tell our clients whether they can buy that vacation home or send their grand-child to medical school.

Armed with such good information, fear of the future and shame about not knowing better is replaced with joy!  Joy because the client now controls their financial life, not the other way around. If you are further interested, email me, and I will reply with instructions on how access our demonstration family.