Why Do You Need a Financial Plan?


Q: Who likes talking about money?
A: <ambient noise> <crickets>

Talking about money can be uncomfortable! 

A surprising number of people do not know how much they spend every month, do not know how many years it will take them to pay down their debt, and have no idea what their credit score is or what it means. What happens if you have more than one type of debt, which are you supposed to pay down first? Do you know what year you would like to retire? Whether you know or not, how will you fund your retirement?

People who are confused about the answers to these questions might think they are alone, but in reality a surprising majority of people do in fact need help figuring out their finances – you are not alone!

If you have questions about any aspect of your financial life, financial planners and wealth advisors are here for you. We will answer your questions with compassion and without judgement.

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