How did you come up with your business name?


Great Blue Heron Spearing a Koi

25 years ago I was in the process of forming a wealth advisory business.  The usual naming convention would dictate “David Edwards & Associates” – boring!  Then I considered “Quantitative Investment Strategies, Inc.” boring, and a little scary.  After that, I thought about “Bull & Bear,” “Tigers,” “Eagles” etc., but there were many other financial firms using those names already.

 I happened to spend the weekend with my parents, who live on a lake.  At cocktail hour, I could see Great Blue Herons feeding on the opposite shore.  Herons hunt by standing calmly at the water edge, wait until opportunities (frogs and minnows) present themselves, then strike unerringly.  Blammo!   “That’s the ticket,” I thought!  Thus, the name of my firm is Heron Wealth.