Lift Off to a Lifetime of Investing


David Edwards, President of Heron Wealth and a graduate of the Hamilton College Class of '83, gave a presentation to current students on how to invest after college, and also gave career tips for those students interested in careers in wealth management.

David addressed the topics of:

  •    Why do we invest?

  •     How Do We Make Decisions - Implications for Investing?

  •     Investing 101: Facebook vs. Google

  •     How We Invest Today: Evolution Over 30 Years

  •  Active vs. Passive Investing

  •     Should You Invest with a Robo-Advisor?

  •     Should You Invest with a Bionic Advisor?

  •     How to Invest "Ethically"

  • How Aggressively Should a Young Person Save for Investing?

See David Edwards’ video here