HFG Commends Annelien Bruins at Tang Art Advisory


"Our clients rely on us for all aspects of their financial lives. We are thrilled to refer our clients to Annelien Bruins of Tang Art Advisory for sound advice about their art collections. Recently one of our US based clients asked for help in the sale of an Old Master painting. The provenance was sound, but the piece was unusual, without a ready market. Annelien met with the client in her home, documented the art work, showed the piece to several auction houses and galleries to find the best venue for sale. Annelien also handled the paperwork, shipment, insurance, negotiations on sales estimates and reserves, and the payment process for my client. Routine work for Annelien, but a once in a life time experience for our client. The painting successfully sold at Sotheby’s, and our client achieved a satisfactory financial result. We, of course, had no doubt about the outcome under Annelien’s care. We are delighted to provide references to any collector who would like to engage Tang Art Advisory’s services. "