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Behavioral Finance - why we buy high and sell low

Heron Wealth President David Edwards explains the importance of behavioral finance in investment decisions.


Liftoff to a Lifetime of Investing

David Edwards, President of Heron Wealth and a graduate of the Hamilton College Class of '83, gave a presentation to current students on how to invest after college, and also gave career tips for those students interested in careers in wealth management.


How Heron Wealth helps you to achieve your financial goals

In this short presentation David Edwards, President and Wealth Advisor, introduces the Heron Wealth approach


Joyful financial planning explained

Can joy replace fear in planning for your financial future? Heron Wealth President David Edwards explains how we achieve this for our clients.


Wealth Management Careers

Heron Wealth President David Edwards presents tips on seeking a career in wealth management.


WealthTrack - our financial planning app

Explore the features of Heron Wealth's financial planning app


Five items from the Heron Wealth retirement checklist

What do "Investing in Retirement" and landing an aircraft have in common? If you get it wrong, the results could be disastrous


Life in a Box

As a kid, things were simple. Life's different now and financial planning keeps you organized and in-the-know.

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Building a Financial Plan is easy...right?

Heron Wealth President David Edwards explains why it makes sense to speak to a financial planner in order to get a handle on your finances.


Mid-year Outlook with Liz Clayman

With the bull market in its 10th year, 4 experts discuss what they see on the horizon for equities, bonds, the economy and more. 6/30/2019


How Redtail Helped Heron Soar

Heron Wealth is well known for successfully leveraging technology to maintain high levels of client service. 4/15/2019


Position Your Firm for 25 Years of Growth

David Edwards explains how the integration of marketing, technology and process drives his firm’s 30% annual AUM growth. 2/8/2019